ANCA Glendale Launches “Neighborhood Connect” Program

ANCA Glendale’s Neighborhood Connect

GLENDALE, Calif.—On Monday, December 16, 2013, the Armenian National Committee of America – Glendale Chapter announced the launch of a new program called Neighborhood Connect. Neighborhood Connect is a program designed to bring various municipal, state and educational institutions to one place, so that community members and various offices can interact in community dialogue regarding issues of utmost importance to Glendale residents. Organizations and governmental institutions in the community will have the opportunity to provide help, direction, community education and services every month at a different community venue in Glendale. Continue reading / Ամբողջը →

ANCA WR Hosts Meet And Greet With CA Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg

Glendale, CA— On Friday, December 13, the Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region held a private meet and greet with CA Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg at the Peschekerian Center in Glendale, CA. Attended by over 35 community leaders, the reception served as an opportunity for the Senator to exchange ideas and become better acquainted with the leadership of ANCA WR local chapters, sister and community organizations in the Southern California region. Continue reading / Ամբողջը →

A Night Dedicated to Vision and Values

The green draped programs figuratively represented the grassroots mission of the ANCA, standing tall and proud.
This was not an ordinary gathering of nearly 1,000 Southern Californians in the heart of the city center. No. This was the expression of a dream. The image of a people’s devotion to the betterment of a nation. One with purpose. One with vision and values. This was the 2013 ANCA-Western Region Annual Banquet Gala. And it was a night certainly to be remembered for many years to come.
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Charging Through Black Friday to Join the Armenian Cause at ANCA Grassroots


LOS ANGELES—Black Friday was embraced at the famous Loews Hollywood Hotel on November 29 with a lively, bustling crowd of 500 people shuffling through registration and check-ins, many scrambling over to Sebu Simonian to have a picture taken with the award winning Capital Cities’ star, others were hugging each other after several years of separation anxiety.
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