Turkish Activist Admits Major Blow When Texas Recognized Armenian Genocide


(ARMENIAN WEEKLY) Armenian-Americans knew they had scored a major victory for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide when Texas became the 46th state to recognize it. What Armenian-Americans did not realize is that the Continue reading / Ամբողջը →

Texas Becomes 46th U.S. State to Recognize Armenian Genocide

Austin, TX — The Texas House of Representatives passed House Resolution 191, titled “Recognizing the Armenian genocide,” today, thus making The Lone Star State the 46th state in the USA to officially classify and commemorate the 1915-1923 annihilation of Continue reading / Ամբողջը →

ANCA-Dallas Hosts Grassroots Activism Talk; Calls on Community to Get Involved

On Saturday, December 5th, the Armenian National Committee of America – Dallas (ANCA Dallas) hosted an energetic grassroots talk with ANCA Western Region’s Executive Director Elen Asatryan as the guest speaker at the Dallas Metro area Cascades Event Center, titled The Role of the Grassroots Continue reading / Ամբողջը →