European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy – Հայ Դատի Եւրոպայի յանձնախումբ

logo-EAFJD-300x300The European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy, an NGO founded in 2000 in Brussels, is the interlocutor within the institutions of the European Union, as well as the Council of Europe, representing the European citizens of Armenian origin at the European institutions.

The European Armenian Federation advocates, in the European Parliament, for the rights of the Armenian population (in Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Samtskhe–Javakheti region in Georgia, and in Turkey), and denounces the hostile attitude towards these populations (blockade against Armenia, Genocide denial, threat of war). Also, the EAFJD assists the citizens of the Republic of Armenia in their democratization process of the country.

The Federation also expresses the political views of European Armenian communities to the European Commission, regarding political issues (mainly Common Foreign and Security policy, enlargement, Human Rights). The Federation’s actions touch on several European policy areas, especially in its external relations with the South Caucasus and Turkey. Regarding the latter, the EU’s main problem remains the State denial of the Armenian Genocide.

EAFJD-booklet, 2009-2013 activities

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